About Women Moving Forward

Each year the Women Moving Forward (WMF) Pre-Release Conference provides approximately 150 women who are within 9 months of release with resources and information necessary to support their successful return to their communities.  The conference was initiated in the fall of 2008 by the National Association of Women Judges (NAWJ), the nation’s leading voice for women jurists dedicated to ensuring equal justice and access to the courts for women, minorities and other historically disfavored groups.

Workshop Topics

The conference workshops address a variety of topics such as housing, money and credit management, obtaining medical insurance, educational opportunities, family reunification, reentry mediation services, coping with trauma, substance abuse and mental health concerns, and dealing with post-release legal issues.  There are sessions on avoiding gangs, parenting, anger management, positive thinking and tips on successfully navigating parole & probation requirements.  A key element of the conference is employment preparation including resume writing, job retention enhancement skills, and mock interviews.  A resource fair includes employers who are willing and ready to hire.

How You Can Help

It is time to pay attention to our prison re-entry programs.  The United States incarcerates more people than any country in the world today and throughout history. The financial costs are tremendous and rising.  Recidivism rates exceed 40% and our prisons are overcrowded, making it more difficult for the prisons to offer effective programming.  The NAWJ through the WMF Conference has recognized the importance of providing the extra help for those about to tackle the daunting task of re-entering their communities.  The WMF Re-entry Conference is funded through contributions from companies and individuals.  To support this effort, go to

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